About Us


ModernDating was founded in 2023 in Mountain View, CA The founders both used online dating without success despite being total catches IRL. Their poor experience with online dating fueled their passion to bring a better online dating experience to the world.


To make dating in the real world easy, enjoyable, and straight-forward.


We believe dating should be fun. Going on dates and meeting new people shouldn’t be stressful or repetitive. The value we create for the world is solving this problem and what we strive to improve above all else. Charging users for a paid subscription or restricting the use of features would be antithetical to this goal. Therefore, we do not ask daters to pay in any way. All features are completely free without any restrictions. Our growth is funded by advertising and by charging local businesses that want to promote their locations.

What is a Modern Dater?

Modern Daters connect & find each other while not settling for the same monotonous date experiences. They meet new people doing things they want to do anyway. They discover great places and have great experiences and fine tune the types of dates that work best for them.
Modern Daters find joy in the dating experience while opening themselves up to possibly finding that special someone.