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What Makes Us Different

Fast & Simple Onboarding

Fast & Simple Onboarding

We don't ask endless questions about your appearance, education, or income level.

ModernDaters add tags to their profile to share exactly what they want to share with others. This can be info about themselves, what they are looking for, or what interests them and can be single works or short paragraphs.

Easy Date Offering

Easy Date Offering

We remove the uncertainty in offering dates.

Some daters want to do a fun unique activity, others prefer to chat over drinks, and some expect a dinner or show. ModernDaters add their date ideas to their profile so others know what they might like and also to make it easier for others to offer them those dates.

Completely Free

Completely Free

Many sites say they are free. But, they end up restricting use after a certain amount of time or block features until you sign up for a monthly subscription.

ModernDaters have full access to all features immediately and at absolutely no cost.

How to Get Started


Create an Account

Provide your first name, date of birth, zip code, and 1 recent photo. Email and phone verification is also required to secure your account. This takes only 3 mins!


Add Profile Tags / Dates

Add as many or as few tags as you want to your profile. Tags let others know more about you, what you are looking for, and what interests you. Also add date ideas to your profile to let others know what dates you would be excited to go on and make it easier for others to offer those to you.


Search & Get Out There!

Explore profiles of those around you. Give hearts to those you may be interested in. Wait for responses or make the first move and start a conversation or offer a date!